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    Hello, I have just purchased the theme and the documentation refers to videos. Forexample:
    Before you start: You might want to check out the demo video page ( Clicking on this and many other video links returns the 404 Page Error message!

    I had not much luck with the previous theme I bought. Looks like I am going to have the same fate with this one too, but this time right from the start!


    Hi Nader-M!

    Sorry about that! Which theme is this for? Is it Replete or was the documentation just pointing to the Replete page?

    Best regards,


    Thanks for replying Devin. I very much appreciate this. It is the Replete theme. Examples:

    2. Before you start
    You might want to check out the demo video page: We will update the site from time to time and add new videos on how to use the theme.

    Or here:
    3. Installation – top
    You can either choose to upload the theme to your server via ftp (only upload the unzipped folder „Replete“ into the folder wp-content/themes/ ) or via WordPress upload function. to use the upload function of the WordPress admin panel make sure to ONLY upload the “Replete” folder and not the whole archive file that you received by themeforest. Here is a short demo video on how its done

    Thanks again.


    For a quick install video we have this one for Enfold but the process is the same:

    I’m not sure what happened to the others but I’ll see if we can get the page re-added. If not immediately, we are working on a re-launch of all of the documentation for all of the pages which should be coming soon.

    If you have any questions just let us know here :)


    Thanks very much Devin. I am making good progress. Releasing new, more comprehensive and up-to-date documentation will certainly go a long way and will be much appreciated by many newcomers to WP.
    Thanks again, Nader

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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