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    Olga Raben


    I have already spend a lot of money on another theme that is impossible to work with and not just for me, I’ve tried to consult with two of my programer friends and they can’t even figure it out. So before I spend even more money that I don’t really have, I was wondering if you have any experience with Enfold working well together with UsersUltra Plugin? as that is a very important part of the website I’m trying to build:)

    Also is support actually available to everyone, because I’ve also been a little unlucky in that department, seems like where I’ve ended up so far is a place where you can get basic support for free (seems non existent) or you can 200$ for a years premium support.

    This is what I’m working on, but I need to change themes before I waist more time trouble shooting:

    Looking forward to hearing from you:)

    Kind Regards



    Hi Olga Raben!

    I’m not familiar with the plugin unfortunately. It seems like it is kind of a complex plugin so I’m not sure how it would play out.

    We offer free support currently but there might be a change here in the near future where support is free for the first 6 months with an option to pay for additional support. It’s unclear whether themeforest is requiring us to do this or not but we should figure it out soon.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

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