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    Hi, I’m a happy Corona theme user and have recommended Kriesi to a friend who is looking to buy CleanCut for her new website. If she goes for it I’ll be helping her with set-up. We wondered about a few things we usually find everywhere:

    1) Contact details in the header of all pages: most themes have this nowadays, I have it on Corona, but can’t see it on CleanCut – is there a way to switch it on.

    2) Search box: I can’t even see one on the Blog page. Is it just a matter of adding a standard widget?

    3) We like the ‘Minimal’ and ‘Boxed Light’ options, although prefer the neat little triangles at the top of the menu on the ‘Default’ version – I’m guessing they can’t all have that?

    Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you.


    Hi astridlowe,

    I would really not recommend CleanCut at this point as it is quite a bit out of date. It will be easier to modify if you are comfortable working with WordPress theme files but changing things from within the WordPress back end it is lacking compared to the newer themes.

    Take a look at Enfold :

    Or any of the recent themes released which all have much better modern standards for WordPress themes.

    For your questions:

    1) No, it doesn’t have this setting.

    2) You can always add a search widget to sidebars.

    3) You would need to combine the css from one style into the other manually (copying over the css from one stylesheet to another).




    Hi Devin, thank you for your quick reply. And thanks for being so clear about not recommending Clear Cut.

    We’ve seen Enfold (we’ve looked at all your themes, because we’d really like to get one of your themes), but unfortunately Enfod isn’t what we’re looking for – my friends is looking for something white and clear, but less ‘spaced out’ than Enfold.

    What would you defined as ‘recent theme released’? As of what date?

    We also like Velvet, it seems a year younger, would that be a better option from your point of view? If so, here’s what she asked about:

    1) The dropdowns in the header menu which aren’t dropdowns but just lists under the menu item – can they just be dropdowns and not visible all the time? I don’t mean like the ones under ‘Dropdown’ under ‘Home’ (would rather not have the whole screen drop when that’s expanded).

    2) The page titles – they look so big and in capitals, and centered – can the font be changed, or at least made upper and lower case, and can they be left aligned (one of the demo pages is left aligned)? Alternatively, do we even have to keep in the page titles? It would look less ‘in your face’ without, but not sure what the impact of that is.

    We’d really like to choose one of your themes, it just has to fit in with what she’s looking for.



    We really recommend the Enfold theme because Velvet and Cleancut tends to have issues with the latest version of WordPress. Enfold is really flexible. There are lots of color templates and you can manually decrease the spacing via CSS if you want. You can also check Choices and Eunoia if you’re not interested on Enfold.




    Thank you, Ismael.

    Sorry, I should have specified, we have looked at ALL your themes listed on Themeforest and only the look and feel of these two: CleanCut and Velvet suit our purposes.

    What sort of issues do these themes have with the latest version of WordPress? And will they be rectified? Or are you saying that you are not going to work on the ‘old’ themes any more?

    I am also interested personally because I have a website using your Corona theme, and I am happy with it. I wouldn’t change to something else either, especially since I’ve put a lot of work into making it look like it does and get lots of positive feedback on it.

    It would be a shame for my friend to have to go for a different author altogether, especially after my positive experience with Corona.

    Please let me know your thoughts, whether we can make any of the two themes we like work.

    Thank you,



    Hi Astrid,

    Kriesi has no plans to update those themes. Over time and as developers become better at what they do so do their products.

    Last I heard from Kriesi was that he will *not* be updating anything from pre 2011. Right now on ThemeForest they are listed as working up to WordPress 3.3 though some users have found that they work fine on 3.5.

    In the coming months WordPress will be quickly going to 3.7 and by early 2014 3.8 and making rapid changes in between.

    I imagine that the earlier themes will either need to be retired or updated but I really can’t say definitively what the plans are other than what I mentioned before.

    For your Velvet questions: #1 – No and #2 No, the page titles is optional.




    Thanks, Devin. Slightly worrying in terms of the theme I have for my website, but guess I have no choice but to wait and see. So far no issues.

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