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    I’m adding images to the shop on a site I am making and the thumbnails are making them very distorted and low quality. The images themselves are big, high definition pictures mainly and look fine once you go onto the product pages.

    The site is:

    And the shop is:

    If you then check the actual product page then the images come up clean and crisp. Any help would be massively appreciated!


    It seems like WooCommerce uses small thumbnails for the shop page. Please try following – go to WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog and change/increase the “Product Thumbnails” size. Then regenerate the thumbnails with:


    Hi thanks, but that didnt seem to work. I changed them from 90px x 90x to 150px x 150px and they are still blured. I ran image regenerate thumbnails plugins as well. Any more help would be awesome, thanks!


    In this case please install: – it will show you all registered images sizes on the Settings > Media page. Search for a thumbnail size with 120px width and try to increase the dimensions. Then regenerate the thumbnails with


    Thanks, I’ve got them to a point where they are no longer the distorted, but the images are still not all the same size even though I have set teh parameters on the above plugin. Any ideas?


    Hi jonoaskew,

    The way wordpress re-sizes images is a bit loose. Unless the image size is set to “crop”, it will just constrain your images to so that no edge is larger than the sizes set.

    So try setting that image size to Crop with the simple image sizes plugin and then regenerate the images once again. Just keep in mind this is a hard crop so it may cut some of your images if the constraints are too much.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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