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    Hi Jessipoo. Try move it the line one div above (it is outside the white box because you have place it below the div that encloses that box). Just move it up one div above and see.

    I´ve got a read more, on the excerpt but when you click on that, it takes you to the portfolio single page of that entry, I don´t know how to do what you want (i´ll be nice though). :)


    do you have a link to your site?

    Do you mean that it’s under the photo, and then “read more” and when you click on it it sends you to the entry (without the portfolio grid) and the full text is below the photo?


    I remember now that I had it and remove it because when clicking on “read more” it was taking you to the full portfolio single page but the “read more” was shown also in that page.

    You can have a look to it in my site and click on the first portfolio item “Clínica Dr. Carlos Tannus” (I´ve placed it back again for you to see it) there is a “read more” link, that takes you to the single page, but you can see the link remains there in that page, I did not like that.


    so by moving that one line of code down, I can still include the “read more” right?

    I’ve moved the content more code line up a div and now it’s in the white box, but it’s not under the photo. It starts to the right of the photo under the meta list (stuck onto the photo with no padding) and then continues under the photo.

    If I move the line down a div, it’s outside of the white box.


    Do you think you could send me your file so I can have a look to it? and see if i could fix your problem?

    If you want you can send it to gobian(at)


    gobian, I sent it to you, I don’t know if you’ve received it.


    Sorry, been quite busy, I´ve just replied yours with the php like I´ve got it.


    hey I uploaded the latest file you sent me and it’s still not working the same way yours is… (still outside the white box)



    it looks like this post wasn’t replied to earlier because a friendly user was already helping. (Thank you, gobian.)

    As it’s a bit hard for us to follow the entire topic I’d like to ask you to restate your question, maybe you’ve made some progress/applied some changes since the creation of the topic.



Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)

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