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    How can I display the content of an external link within a CleanCut page?

    I would like to display a Monthly Calendar (generated externally by a third party) while keeping the theme header and top menu on my CleanCut page. The idea is to display that information within that same page [rather than navigate away from my webpage in order to access the Calendar content]

    Something similar to this: (different organization though)



    If you can export the events to an ics file (icalender file like outlook uses) then you can use plugins to integrate the calender file into your homepage…

    One good plugin is: – really great support by the author and the best ical plugin out there.


    Thanks Dude!

    The plugin would be great if we were starting from scratch.

    But the calendar is already up and running. Hundreds of events that I’m not looking forward to import. :(

    I tried the plugin iframe. The header and content of my CleanCut page works fine, but then the content of the url I’m trying to embed displays a 404 error message.

    I also thought about the oEmbed (“wp embed register handler”) but haven’t had the time to test it.

    If you have any input on any of those plugins I really appreciate it!

    Thanks for all your help!


    I must admit that I don’t use iframes (except google maps :) so I can’t recommend any plugins). Maybe it’s a server problem? Can you post a link to your iframe setup. Maybe I can help you when I see the source code.


    Thanks Dude!

    The website I’m working on is not “live” yet. I’m just building up the site map and creating all pages before I move the content to a hosting provider. :(

    Maybe later we can re-visit this topic, see if by then I have made some progress.

    (BTW, Thanks for responding most of my silly questions! I’m new at this stuff, first time with WP tweaking and code stuff. I’m *trying* to build a site for a non-profit organization so, just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your help!!!


    Ok, just bump this thread when the site is online.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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