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    Hi Guys,

    Love your theme, and so far I managed to customize it to my needs, however i’m having few issues that i will be grateful if you’ll help me out with and they’re as follows:

    1. I’m interested to display 2 different portfolios on the same page (front page), for example the first portfolio is made for “Hotels” with the ability to filter the cities, the 2nd portfolio which is displayed on the same page made for “Attractions” again with ability of sorting by cities.

    Everything works and function fine with the 1st portfolio that is displayed, however when you scroll down to the 2nd portfolio below it and click on an item then you’re being scrolled to the top just little more then the actual portfolio item that has been requested, i mean it slides up the screen instead to open exactly infront of you so you have to look for the requested content.

    Can you please advice how to solve this issue as i really need to display few portfolios on the frontpage rather on different page.

    2. shortcode [hr top] – where can i find the translation to it as i need to change the “Top” text.

    3. Since this site is being kinda of transformed to a travel site it is important for us to include a google map with the option to get directions to the hotels etc, so we used mappress plugin, however we really want to perserve the responsive functionality for people on the move with handhelds the map plugin seems to not resize properly when resizing the browser , will you be able to advice how can this be done, the plugin author do advice to use “.mapp-container” class to modify it in the theme, however i tried few but not good enough to get it done, so any help will be appreciated.

    4. Is there a way to add a short code for [hr] with text in posts or pages like been used as an element in the “template builder” but as a short code?

    It wil do for now and you can review this site over here:

    Many Thanks,



    Any good reason why I don’t get any reply?


    Hi evantage,

    I apologize about getting back to you so slowly. There has been a big rise of support requests lately and its caused some slow down in response time. Our queue also goes oldest post to newest so the question asking why its taking so long actually moved the post further back in the line :( . We might need to adjust the system to detect circumstances like this so that doesn’t happen again!

    1. Unfortunately I’m not sure the javascript can handle having two portfolio elements opening on the same page. What is currently happening is that both elements are going to the same anchor for ‘top of the portfolio’ which makes the second one go up too far. I’ll check with Kriesi and the other support crew to see if we can provide a solution for this.

    2. You can change the text by opening includes>admin>register-shortcodes.php . Then search for:

    if($top == 'top') $toplink = '<a href="#top" class="scrollTop">top</a>';

    and change the top text in the link tag.

    3. You can add your own css rules to the media queries in layout.css (search for @Media Queries) or you could try setting the .mapp-container to 100% and see if it will let the theme outer containers control its width.

    4. No there isn’t currently but I will mention it to Kriesi as a possible addition the a future framework update.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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