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    I buy the template ad install under MAMP (I work with Mac); if select DISPLAY and activate the theme, I get a blank page in “control panel” and if load the site.

    But DISPLAY work in local mode? I do the test before publishing it online and get client approval.


    PS: can I do the translation of the theme in Italian language?


    Display is not translation ready so you can’t use .po or .mo files to translate it. You can translate it manually though – so you need to search your php files for language strings you want to translate.

    Display should work in local mode – you shouldn’t experience any differences. Did you upload/copy your Display themes folder correctly to your wp-content/themes folder? Which version of WordPress are you using? Display Version 2.0 needs WordPress 3.0 upwards because of the menu editor, etc.

    The Dude


    Don’t work with v2.9 but when update to 3.01 works correctly in local mode.

    Sorry, all wp-templates of Kiesi are not contained .po and .mo files for traslate quickly?


    No, there’re some like Cleancut, Avisio, Newscast, etc. which are translation ready. You can use .po and/or .mo files with them. Some other themes like Display don’t support .mo files.

    The Dude


    In this case, for future purchases, which are WP-templates that contain .PO and/or .MO files?


    Avisio, CleanCut, Expose and Newscast are translation ready. They do NOT contain .po or .mo files out-of-the-box — you need to generate them yourself but I can help you with that (I can send you the .po/.mo files if needed).

    Have a look at this thread: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/localized-strings

    The Dude


    I have successfully implemented 5 languages on the Avisio theme via WPML.

    Out of the box the plugin will allow you to translate all your pages and posts. The custom posts “portfolios” and “sliders” won’t work out of the box, but I have changed the code of the theme so that it all works perfectly. Took about 30 hours of work, but was worth it. You can see the results at: http://macdoctor.lu … It speaks 5 languages :-)

    Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info at (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Kind Regards,

    Bruno van Branden

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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