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    Sorry for my question (and my english :) but I just bought this great theme, and I don’t understand how to insert the ajax filter in my portfolio.
    Must I’ve instal some plugin like isotope or filter post or is already include in your template ?
    I don’t see widget or menu to make that on your theme !?
    Must I’ve make some code to display this like add_filter() and taxonomy ?
    I didn’t see responses on the documentation and this forum !?

    Thank you for yours ideas,


    Hey barthos!

    Once you have created your portfolio items you will need to create a page to then display the items. The content of the page doesn’t matter as it just acts as a place to output the automatically generated portfolio..

    Once the portfolio items and the page to output your portfolio are created you will need to go to the theme options>Portfolio. From there you can use the settings to choose the page where the portfolio gets output, what categories to display and the other options for that pages portfolio.

    Use the + symbol on the bottom to add another portfolio box where you can choose another page with its own portfolio output.

    Best regards,


    Thank Devin,
    for your faster support !

    I think that my problem was in my choice of my layout Page Portfolio => Dynamic template.
    If I use ‘default’ is ok.

    best regard,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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