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    A common ecommerce scenario is having products split up into different categories. For example lets say greeting cards.

    I have set up categories (Birthday, wedding, etc etc) as the main categories, I have also assigned a unique image to each category. Each card can be in a different language, so I thought using a child category would be best? Maybe tags is better, not sure? Anyway, I use child categories for this example, so under every parent category we have German and English. I assign the products to the respective child categories of German or English.

    On the home page, I want to show the categories with images. In the theme builder you have a nice option to show products and display a grid of products. However, this is too much of a deep dive. I first need to show parent categories (Birthday, wedding etc) Same format would be great. SO a grid of parent categories with their images. Clicking on 1 parent category would go to a page of products within that category. (Maybe I can have a tabbed filter for German / English in there)?

    How is this possible?

    I used greeting cards as an example, but this applies across many products one would sell online. So I am assuming there might be a good solution to this?



    any support for this Dude?



    As far as I know it’s not possible to show product categories with the template builder. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it.




    really, it’s not possible? damm, that is why I bought this theme…

    Can you ask him as this logic would seem fundamental to an ecommerce store selling products….People want to shop by Brand or Category first and then view the products in those sections rather than just dive straight into 100’s or 1000’s of products. I want that option too, but my home page needs to start with the top level category or brand as the primary target for my users.

    How would people selling most items using your theme deal with this? Even if I was selling jeans. Then maybe on my home page I want an option to see “Men’s Jeans” “Womens Jeans” “Kids Jeans” “Jeans for Baby’s” etc etc….

    Lots of other people must of had this issue, anyone else solve it?

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    A possible workaround would be to use the main navigation to display your shop categories.

    Best regards,



    Hi Dude,

    Actually I found a better solution, was just about to reply. Not ideal but it works

    * I set up pages with my categories

    * I added a featured image to each page and a title

    * On home page I used columns

    * I set columns to category pages and picked show preview image and title

    * Override the URL with a link to that category listing (if needed)

    This gives you category pods on the home page :)

    Maybe something to think of streamlining this in an update to the theme later!


    Hey Fika,

    Thank you for posting your workaround/solution! I’ve sent the suggestion to Kriesi and I hope this helps anyone else looking for something similar in the mean time.

    Thanks again :)


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