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    Hi there,

    On the home page of the website we are building for a client (, we are experiencing issues with the nav bar and footer. For instance, in the nav, “HOME” is not bolded, and the arrow hover effect does not work. None of the links work in the footer. These issues do not exist on any other page–only on the home page.

    Also, we’d like to display a custom menu in the footer, but the top margin is too high, and there is a bullet that lays on top of each menu item.

    Could you please help?




    Has someone edited and moved around parts of the template theme files? The reason for the problems is that various page objects were taken out of their wrapper and moved around invalidating the code. Please obey fundamental css and html5 rules to prevent issues such as this. I suggest you begin with a clean theme and use Firebug browser addon to examine the overall theme structure prior to rearranging the page. Please pay careful attention to overlapping div tags and always remember that every open div tag needs a closing one.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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