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    I would like to keep more or less the default frontpage template, except change the bottom element to be blog posts. The template builder, however, inserts a blog element with a vertical scroll of blog posts, and I would like to display blog posts like the portfolio feature or the woocommerce plugin does, with an image-based grid format (horizontally scrollable would be great too!).

    How can I do this? I am relatively novice when it comes to WP development, and the backend of this theme is so “automated” that I don’t know how to change much (I am accustomed to simply tweaking the stylesheet as needed). I am willing to put some serious time into figuring this out and/or money to pay for plugins if necessary, just need some help to point me in the right direction!

    Thank you!



    On the Template Builder, insert the column element. Try to follow these options.

    Select how many columns you want to display, then choose the column width and content: 4 Columns

    Column Content: “Post from category”

    Post from Category: Select the category

    How do you want to display the post?: Preview image and post title.

    If you insert two or more column element then apply the options above you will get a grid like design of blog posts much like the portfolio overview.




    Thank you!

    I am really impressed by the capabilities and flexibility of this theme.



    Glad you made it worked. ;)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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