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    I have a website with two languages ​​WPML system. I created a template called “Home” that I can select a language, Spanish, but I can´t select it in English, when I’m in the translation page of this language. Why I can not select it?

    It is assumed that if you create the template you used to any language.


    No, you need to create the templates for each language. The reason is that i.e. the “hardcoded” text strings would not be translatable if always the same templates are used. Choices will create a separate option field for each language and it will create a separate “template builder” field for each language in the database and they exist/work independently from each other.


    I created a new template “Home EN” in Theme Builder, go to the page in English and Layout window I not see the new template I created. How do I link the new template with the page translated? Where is the option in the admin panel?



    First, go to the Choices English dashboard then create the template there. If you want the same template for another language, you need to go first on that language’s dashboard then create the template again. It’s like having two or more wordpress dashboard.




    Now I understand, thanks very much!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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