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    Is there any way to disable the lightbox function on the sidebar or for specific links?

    I installed a social media widget with links to both my Vimeo and YouTube accounts, but the links are automatically interpreted as video links (lightbox feature), which doesn’t work.




    you can add the “noLightbox” class to your video links – the code looks like:

    <a class="noLightbox" href="">Youtube</a>


    Hey guys!

    I’m having the same problem. However, my vimeo link is part of a menu. Therefore the only place I type in the url for the link is the “URL” section for this particular menu option. I have no way of going into “source” mode or HTML coding to put in your above code. I also do not want to disable the entire lightbox feature for my site, as I like having it for certain things…any ideas on how to isolate this problem?

    Thanks so much in advanced!




    Go to the menu manager page (Appearance > Menus) and search for the “Screen Options” tab at the right top corner. Click on it and a dropdown will open. Select/chech the box nect to “Link Relationship (XFN)”. A new input field will be displayed for each menu item with the headline “Link Relationship (XFN)”. In this input field insert “noLightbox” without “”.


    Hey. Thanks for the quick reply! I did everything exactly as you said and it still isn’t working. I still get the lightbox turning wheel that doesn’t go away. Just to be clear this is all I put in the Link Relationship field:


    I tried different variations of it for kicks and still nothing. Any other thoughts?



    Ok, just in case anyone reads this. I was able to figure it out. It is NOT in the Link Relationship field like mentioned above. In fact it is in the CSS Classes field. Makes sense. Thought I had tried that before but turns out when I toggled the open in new tab check off then on again, it worked!

    So again, correction. Not Link Relationship field. CSS Classes field.



    Glad that you found the solution. I totally missed that the rel attribute initialises the lightbox only.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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