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    I want to use the blog purely as a news feature. I dont want any other aspects of the blog such as comments,author, date box etc. How would I do this. Thanks



    open up includes/loop-index.php and remove following code parts:

    <span class='post-date-comment-container'>
    <span class='date-container'><strong><?php the_time('d') ?> <?php the_time('M') ?></strong><span><?php the_time('Y') ?></span></span>
    <span class='comment-container'><?php comments_popup_link("<strong>0</strong> ".__('Comments','avia_framework'), "<strong>1</strong> ".__('Comment' ,'avia_framework'),
    "<strong>%</strong> ".__('Comments','avia_framework'),'comments-link',
    "<strong></strong> ".__('Comments<br/>Off','avia_framework')
    ); ?>


    echo '<span class="blog-author minor-meta">';
    echo '<strong>'.__('Author','avia_framework').': </strong><span>';
    echo '</span></span>';


    Cant find that file?


    Got it and that has just about sorted it.

    That still leave a blank spave where those items were apart from the catergory. I would like to use that space for text so to have the text across the page.

    I would also like to remove this:

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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