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    How can I get rid of the WOoCOmmerce menu while still leaving the banner message? Thanks!



    open up functions.php and delete following code:

    $sub .= "<div class='sub_menu'>";
    $args = array('theme_location'=>'avia2', 'fallback_cb' => '', 'echo' => 0);
    if(avia_woocommerce_enabled()) $args['fallback_cb'] ='avia_shop_nav';
    $menu = wp_nav_menu($args);
    $sub .= $menu;
    $sub .= "</div>";


    Alright, but the cart portion of it is still appearing on the right. I just want to eliminate it altogether and just have the message all the time.

    Thanks alot!



    You also need to delete following code in functions.php.

    $sub = $cart = avia_woocommerce_cart_dropdown();




    Then I get an error like this, when I copy those exact instructions,

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function avia_woocommerce_cart_dropdown() in ***/wp-content/themes/propulsion/functions.php on line 29



    Very weird because the cart_dropdown function is not called on line 29 (but on line 278). Try to replace:

    $sub = $cart = avia_woocommerce_cart_dropdown();


    $sub = $cart = '';

    Best regards,



    Perfect, thank you so much!


    Is it possible to keep the header menuline, however just remove the cart?

    Disabling woocommerce gives me trouble when trying to use “Template builder”. So I have to keep Woocommerce enabled.. :-/


    Hi pooz,

    Re-add the first bit that you deleted from the functions.php file and then in your Appearance>menus, you can replace the login/logout menu with your own by using the dropdown for Menu locations.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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