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    how can i disable toolbar for all user by woocommerce.



    I’m using Flashlight theme and also very interested in:

    1) Disabling Toolbar for the woocommerce users.

    2) Removing Register link from all woocommerce pages (similar to Kriesi’s demo site behaviour)

    Your help is greatly appreciated.





    1) Add following code to functions.php:

    /* Disable the WordPress Admin Bar for all but admins. */
    if (!current_user_can('administrator')):

    This will disable the WordPress Admin Bar for all users except administrators.

    2) You can create a custom sub menu (Appearance > Menus). This will remove the standard (fallback) WooCommerce menu.


    Thanks a lot, Dude!

    Your first solution worked perfectly.

    With second solution I’m having a styling and alignment problems, really need you help here.

    1. On ALL PRODUCTS pge my custom menu aligned to the left as oppsed to be centered (see the image)

    2. On the Product Description page it shifted all content belowto the right (see the image)

    3. After adding product to the cart from the product description page, confirmation message box overlaps with top menu (see the image)

    Please help! Really need this up and running.

    My next purchase is Abundance theme and I suspect it might have similar problems.

    Thank you


    I found the source of such behaviour, (my previous post) but could not find the sorce code that generates that extra <div> element that messing up the alignment.

    If you look at the page source then for the fallback menu only <div class=”sub_menu”>

      ….</div> element is rendered.

      When I turn on custom sub menu then an extra div element is inserted as following:

      <div class=”sub_menu”><div class=”menu-shopping-container”>

      ….</div></div>. Class “menu-shopping-container” is non-existent.

      In the run time (Google Chrome) I replaced this class with sub_menu class and this fixed the problem, but I could not override it using Quick CSS.

    Second problem with custom menu is when user is loged on a Logout link appears next to the Checkout link even though I did not specified it in my custom menu.

    I have the custom menu setup as following: My Account | Shopping Cart | Checkout

    Please help me to fix these problems.

    I really appreciate your help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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