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    How do I disable or remove the import dummy data button?


    in your theme folder open the file includes/admin/register-admin-options.php

    scroll down to line 25 and removet eh first array

    $avia_elements[] = array(
    "slug" => "avia",
    "name" => "Import Dummy Content: Posts, Pages, Categories and Portfolio Entries",
    "desc" => "If you are new to wordpress or have problems creating posts or pages that look like the theme preview you can import dummy posts and pages here that will definitley help to understand how those tasks are done.",
    "id" => "import",
    "type" => "import");


    might be a useful feature for future releases of your shop-related themes (saw it in the theme options of another, otherwise rather mainstream, theme publisher):

    – ability to uninstall demo data again


    – disable the demo import and hide the button (as an option, without having to edit core theme files)

    esp. the second one would be nice – while we as more or less experienced site admins might be able to resist the urge to click that button after we finished our site with our own content, folks with a developer license will definitely encounter eager customers who as their first action in their new wordpress site will click that button and then start whining… *lol* (and for us it would be more safe as well – that button is a risk and it is simply useless on a production server…)




    Thanks a lot, Kriesi! Useful information.


    Thanks martin for your suggestion!

    You wouldnt believe how many people start the live website with the demo content, simply because they are new to wordpress and dont even know were to beginn. I will try to think of something smart that makes it able to easily remove the button :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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