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    how can I disable the image lightbox of images within the text of posts and pages only for certain images?

    I checked with Firebug, but that helps me not, I’m not so familiar with “coding”:

    It would be great, if I could disable the “overlay” with this magnifying glass/loupe and the lightbox effect only for certain images:

    for example, one image in a post should have the lightbox effect, and another one at the same page should not have it! Is this possible?

    Thanks a lot.


    Thanks for sharing the links metropolitandetail :)

    Those should provide the needed steps colorit2.




    thanks, I know these both threads, they’re at my FAVs, but they haven’t helped. I don’t want to disable lightbox for slideshows etc., just for static normal images, placed within a text, and for this these 2 threads and the codes mentioned there, hadn’t any success in my case.


    You would need to add the following in your js/avia.js:

    jQuery('.page-id-757 .slideshow_container, .page-id-758 .slideshow_container').find('img').unwrap();

    Then change the:

    .page-id-757 .slideshow_container, .page-id-758 .slideshow_container

    to whatever classes/page combination you want to disable the lightbox for.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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