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    hi there,

    i am wondering if there is a way to disable the ecommerce features of the theme.

    my clients task is to build a page with articles and later add an eshop.

    can i achieve this with the theme?

    best regards




    yes – you can use Abundance without WooCommerce. The only side effect will be that all plugin features (shopping cart, products post type, etc.) won’t be available. However if you don’t want to use the shop it’s not necessary anyway-


    hi dude,

    i have to be more precise.

    i like the grid of the shop items and want to use it to show the products. can i untick to show the price? and when hovering it should only show the “details” and not “add to card”.

    so later it could be easily updatet to a shop with a few checkboxes or lines of php again.

    best regards



    No that’s not possible. The reason is that the “products” post type is part of the plugin and you can’t publish products without activated shopping cart plugin.


    Please someone develop a plugin for a product showcase like this one so I’m not stuck with a single developer’s theme (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -in-1-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/120827. It is not as simple as using blog posts or a portfolio to showcase products.

    I too purchase Abundance hoping I would be able to use the product feature of WooCommerce without the cart. While the Abundance theme is beautiful, I will have to save it for another project. This is a common issue with clients who have complicated products that want to showcase them so the client will call for more information. They do not want to sell.


    Can’t you just not add checkout and cart pages to your menu so those pages do not exist for the user.

    Hide the add to cart buttons with some CSS?

    this hides the variations button and the add to cart button in the product grid view. leaving only the show details button

    .thumbnail_container div.thumbnail_container_inner a.product_type_variable, .thumbnail_container div.thumbnail_container_inner a.product_type_simple{

    Hiding the buttons and price etc on the single product page should be easy.

    By the way I recommend you do not delete any of those pages that you are not showing, such as checkout. everything is interconnected. Just leave them in the backend.


    Yes – that’s also possible :) – however you need to be very careful otherwise you maybe miss an “add to cart” button and users can buy the products.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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