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    Hello… I’m having a problem with custom excerpts..

    What I want is my “custom excerpt” area to utilize my tinymce [kitchen sink] buttons so I can input various shortcodes as needed.

    I have been using the “custom excerpt editor” of this plugin @ which I would be ideal to use in Replete for me, if easily possible.

    What I ultimately want is my blog page to have the “custom excerpts” shown rather than the full post that replete shows or the “read more” tag usage all while using my shortcodes.

    I’m not sure which would be easier.. to disable the custom excerpt of Replete or somehow add the functionality of the ultimate tinymce custom excerpt into the custom excerpt of Replete.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

    ~Thanks in advanced gurus, Happy 2013



    I haven’t tried the plugin that you mention but you can use <!– more –> tag to control the excerpt and avoid showing the full posts.




    Hey Ismael, thanks for your reply!

    Yes, I understand I can use the more tag, however that’s part of the problem. The more tag shows all of the content before the the more tag when the blog is view on the main blog page. The problem is that I have design elements and columns that show up in the excerpt that I don’t want to show up. This is why I need to make my own excerpt.

    Here is a screenshot for example @

    You will see in the screenshot a fancy goldish divider bar I made. Well, that I don’t want to show up in the excerpt. I want to show specific text I choose of that particular post and then add manually a shortcode I have made for the social sharing buttons of that particular post.

    Thanks for any help you can give me man!


    Hi DrCLWorldWide,

    The only thing I can think of is that the plugin you are using would need to be modified or changed to also effect the excerpt area. You can contact the theme author and see if the plugin files can be easily modified to add the plugins functionality to other editors besides the main.





    Hey Devin, thanks for your reply…

    I just installed the plugin

    This took care of my problem. This has allowed me to enter what text I choose in the Excerpt area and it shows up in my main blog roll page. Then I can also put my social share links in that excerpt as well.

    Screenshot for example @

    Maybe seeing the screenshot as well will give some idea as to what I was meaning too.


    Glad you have it solved now :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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