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    hello, how do i disable the built in contact form. i had build a contact form via another widget and would like to use that. only issue is, it seems that in the theme options i have to assign contact somewhere…and when i put it to my contact page it appears below the form i custom built. if i direct it to a dummy page, it has weird blog postings etc, if i leave it blank it directs to an error. thanks for your help.


    so updated…3 questons


    i figured out how to add more fields to the provided contact form, but i’d like to add a captcha.

    i read in a post from 1 year ago this was not possible. has this changed?

    2) if not, how do i disable the contact form provided all together, so i can use the one i built. (same as initial post)

    3)i see the contact form php page in the editor, but feel hesitant to go into the code and delete it. new to the changing code and deleting process…do people usually make a copy and save it in text edit or something.



    I had the same issue:

    In the theme options>contact & social stuff

    change Contact Form Page to “select page”

    It is that simple to disable the built in contact form.


    Thanks susanhare for helping us out :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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