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    I am looking to link directly to a Portfolio Category. Is there a URL structure I can use for this?

    I was hoping that if “graphic-design” is the slug for my portfolio category then “/portfolio/graphic-design” would show only those portfolio items categorized under graphic-design.

    Please help!


    Anyone? I’m just looking to link to a page that only displays a specific portfolio category. Is this possible?


    No help from Kriesi…but I found an answer after an hour or so of looking at the code.

    The Portfolio items in the theme are part of a taxonomy and you can link directly to portfolio categories using /portfolio_entries/*category name*

    I had to create a page template for the taxonomy so that the results display correctly (see here:

    NOTE TO AUTHOR: I’ve bought several of your themes in the past and your support was much better, what happened?



    we try to response within 24h. Depending on the amount of requests it may take longer (also on weekends of course). Your request was around 10h ago and I’d answer it now :)


    I would like to have the ability to link to the portfolio open to a particular category. How would you recommend doing this? For example I would like to in a mega menu have individual links to all of the categories within my portfolio. After selecting the menu item (link) for an individual category I would like it to open to the portfolio page with that category open.


    Love the Theme and backend.



    You can add custom links to your menu (left option field @Appearance > Menu) or you activate the portfolio category selection (click on the “Screen Options” tab (top right corner) and check the checkbox for “Portfolio Categories”) – afterwards you can add portfolio categories like standard categories.


    Thank You this Works. However this opens up the categories archive instead of the actual portfolio page with that particular category open. I would like to retain the nice category menu on left sidebar. let me know if this can be done. example of what happens when you select the making disciples category from my vides menu:

    I would like it to look like this instead when you click on making disciples category from video mega menu:

    hopefully this isn’t too confusing.



    Ah ok – no this is not possible. The sorting/filter function uses javascript to hide/unhide the items whereas the category/archive views are generated by wordpress queries. A menu link would require two steps ( 1. Portfolio page load, 2. automatical JS sorting after page load based on parameters ) and this isn’t supported by the js function.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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