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    I’m working on a site using the Choices theme. I LOVE the functionality of the theme. The client I have wants five widget areas… however, the fifth one needs to be wider than the rest (it’s a contact form). Is there a way to manually set the width of each footer widget area?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



    Sorry for the delay.

    Ok this is the CSS you will need to add. The way I measured it , the distance between columns will be cut to 3% (please don’t use pixels since its responsive) , the first four columns will be 13% each and the fifth column will be 33%. You can change the numbers yourself ofcourse.

    #top div .one_fifth {
    margin-left: 3%;
    #top .flex_column.one_fifth.colwidth-1, #top .flex_column.one_fifth.colwidth-2, #top .flex_column.one_fifth.colwidth-3, #top .flex_column.one_fifth.colwidth-4 {
    width:13% !important;
    #top .flex_column.one_fifth.colwidth-5{
    width:33% !important

    Now please open up footer.php and find line 45 which looks like

    echo "<div class='flex_column $class $firstCol'>";

    and change it to

    echo "<div class='flex_column $class colwidth-$i $firstCol'>";

    That’s it.




    Yee-haw! Thank you soooooo much Nick!!!

    Works great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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