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    Hi !

    First of, lovely theme, its really really good, and is well thought out.

    That said, im looking to try and acchive two different sizes of images.

    I would love to have the images around 193×193 in the category view and 250×250 in single view.

    Any thoughts on how to acchive this ?


    In functions.php you can define which post thumbnail size your images should have. You need to change the dimensions of these two thumbnail types:

    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['S'] = array('width'=>60, 'height'=>60);			// small preview pics for half sized posts and sidebar news
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['M'] = array('width'=>180, 'height'=>180); // big preview pic for full sized posts

    The Dude


    I tried changing the 60 to 70 to make the thumbnails larger and immediately my sidebars moved themselves down under the content area…it’s as though they didn’t have room to be there anymore for some reason. Perhaps because there was a thumbnail in one of them due to the news widget. So I switched the code back to 60, but the change appears to be permanent. Even uploading the original functions.php file didn’t change anything.

    The only way I’ve found to get the sidebars back up to the right is to delete all thumbnails from the content section. I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened to cause this. The site is at http://www.realfreshblog.com; perhaps someone out there can assist. Or maybe I do a conmplete reinstall and start the whole thing over again.

    I do wish there was a custom.css file and a customfunctions.php file, like with the Thesis theme, that would allow me to make changes without affecting the original files in this theme.


    I had to reinstall index.php and now the sidebars are back where they belong. I DO wish I could make the thumbnails larger, though…gonna have to figure out what else needs to change to make room for them.

    It really is a beautiful theme; I really do want to customize it, though, and hope the dude will consider the request to make that doable through outside custom files.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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