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    Hi. You have some of the best sites I have seen. Love you slick, clean designs. Been using a few of your themes on a few different sites.

    So I have hit a roadblock on adjusting the theme to perform a function that I am pretty sure you’d know how to do in a snap.

    I have a portfolio section of my site. I got rid of the sidebar on the post and made it full width (940px). On these portfolio posts, I have changed the image size from 610px to 640px and centered it on the page.

    You can see this here: http://www.brysonstein.com/chicken-littles/

    Now the problem I am having is that the blog is using that same template and is getting a bit funky on me. How do I create a different template for the blog to separate it from the portfolio posts. You can see how it is getting crazy on me here: http://www.brysonstein.com/encinitas-fashion-show/

    The image is bigger than the 640px one I am using for the portfolio pages. I don’t want to have the restriction of having to make everything fit within this 640px box.

    Hope you can help! Psyched on everything you are doing here. Your work is unreal. Keep it up!


    You can change the page template. When creating a page you can set the template in the lower right sidebar. Then in your CSS just target those pages where you want the image to be the alternate size. I can explain a little more if you are uncertain about templates.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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