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    is there an easy way to change the slider height for other pages than the home page? I have a fixed slider on the main page using the trick with the fixed post and the preset height of 400 px is fine for that.

    However on other pages i would like to have a slider with for example 250px. What would you recommend?

    What would be even better would be a slider with flexible height that automatically resizes itself to the actual picture size. As long as I make sure that all pictures in one slider have the same height that should work?





    because all sliders are generated by the same function it’s not easily possible. You can change the big image slider dimensions in function.php though. The only chance I see is to modify display_featured_media.php with conditional tags (i.e. is_home() and different thumbnail sizes). However I’m not sure if it works that way or how much coding effort is needed to achieve this.

    The flexible height is supported by the new version of the AviaSlider which is part of Broadscope, Brightbox and Upscale. I doubt that Kriesi will implement it in Habitat though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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