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    Hi, I posted my first portfolio item and the featured image was cropped and small, fitting perfect into the site. With the next posted portfolio the featured image was cropped but to large and did not fit in the site. Where can I check the sizes of the featured image?




    You can change the slideshow/image dimensions in functions.php (I’d only adjust the height value). Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with:


    Hi, thanks I didn´t try it yet because of some new problems with that featured image (which I like really) but I could solve the most things now:

    First I got square crops of the featured images with only half covered black/white overlays at the start site (where it displays the last portfolio items). So you could see the colored image beneath. When looking why, I found out the uploaded images where to small (500 x 800 pix) . So after changing this and reupload the larger images, these where cropped in the wanted way and the bw layer fitted perfect. Now they are in the correct size when in a right sidebar layout but if they are in a full wide site (without sidebars), the featured images are to large. I can not find where I can change the layout of a categorie site in the portfolio item.

    I used some of the portfolio categories you used in the demo sites included with the theme. ( I just overwrote it with different names and images) . These are all with right sidebars. But when creating a new portfolio categorie it comes in a full wide template layout with no sidebar.And then the featured images have different sizes. So this is I think the problem and I would like to change this all to right sidebar layout. Thanks, ReiniF



    ReiniF – the standard archive template is a sidebar template (not fullwidth). You can link to the portfolio archive pages by using the menu manager (Appearance > Menus). You maybe need to activate the portfolio categories first. Click “Screen Options” a the top right corner and tick the checkbox next to “Portfolio Categories”.

    @emuelbolano – functions.php is located in the main theme directory (where you can find style.css, etc. too).


    Hi, I opened the menu in “design” (german version) the checkbox in options right corner was activated. At this side I can see only the MainMenue and Header Menu with all the menu entries. I can not find any entry with portfolio archive?

    Or do you mean the Theme Options> Portfolio? There I can set different Layouts for different kind of portfolios pages. Here I see the categories of my portfolio item first than “which page should display the portfolio? This is “Portfolio 4 Columns> “Portfolio Columns”= 4 Columns “Portfolio Post Number” = 16 “Portfolio Single Entries” = Shown on Single Page Portfolio Pagination= No But I dont use that at the moment except for the dummy sites.

    Is there a way to upload a screenshot?


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