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    On your video tutorials webpage you say this:

    Widgetized Sidebar

    Widgets can be aded to all your sidebars. You can create unqiue sidebars for each page or category if you wish to.

    Is there some instructions you can provide that show me how to do this? …as I have tried everything and still can’t get a different sidebar widget to show up on different pages.




    go to CORONA, Theme Options, Sidebar: Select a PAGE that should receive a new widget area:

    than go to the widget area and choose left or right sidebar and put the widget you want into it.



    go to Corona > Theme Options > Sidebar and select the pages you’d like to add a widget area to. With the plus symbol you can add more pages/widget areas. Then go to Appearance > Widgets and add your widgets into the page widget area.

    As far as I know dynamic templates and page specific widget areas can’t be used together but I’m not entirely sure.


    Ahhh OK, well that was just too easy!



    Glad that I could help you :)


    Whoopsie Daisies….

    When I followed your instructions I went to Theme Options…

    Selected the PAGE that should receive a new widget area.

    Went to Widgets and the new Widget area was there

    Put new widget in that location

    Now when I view the webpage on the site it has all the other widgets on the Sidebar Pages (right), plus the New one specifically for that page?

    I don’t want to show all the other widgets on that page just the one I created specifically for that sidebar, so why do the other ones show up too?




    the sidebar is designed that way. Specific widget areas will be displayed in addition to the displayed everywhere sidebar. You can’t easily change this behaviour.


    Hey Dude…:-)

    Thanks for the reply…I figured that out and installed the Custom Sidebars extension…works like a dream!

    Is there a way to get an email when someone has replied to one of my posts, because currently that’s not happening ;-)




    Under Settings > Discussion, you have “Email me whenever someone posts a comment”, the author of the post will receive an email whenever someone comments on their post. This comes standard with WordPress.


    The “Posts” I am referring to are on this Forum, not in WordPress…:-)

    Is there a way to get an email when someone responds to one of my posts on this Forum, so that I know to check back here?

    Thanks for all you help.



    we don’t offer email notifications – I’m sorry.


    Ok, it’s a shame…with all the great FREE Forums available I would think that you could.

    That’s the only “bummer” I have found…

    1. you do great template work (as seen by how many purchase)

    2. your support is “top-notch”

    3. your support forum is terrible

    a. I can’t search just the Corona forums for what I need (so you get multiple posts about the same thing on your forum)

    b. I can’t get email notified about the posts that I have, when someone responds

    c. I don’t have any place to identify my posts so when someone replies to my post I can no longer identify it by my name

    With all the great work you do, and the fact there are so many great forums out there (vBulletin, PHPBB, myBB, Simple Machines etc.)

    that do all those things that make it convenient for your customers I would think you guys would consider this.

    Plus, the amount of activity you have really warrants a better forum software.



    Just FYI .- you can view all your posts here: – threads you started & answered.


    Hey Dude, thanks I just found that too!…wow except for bookmarking that link there isn’t any “easy” way to get to that link from the Forum page, unless you click on “favorites” from a post that you’ve already had…

    Unless, I’m just not “seeing” my Profile Page link when I’m logged in?



    Not sure – i.e. can see my profile link (“Administrator”) – you can click on “Member” and you’ll see your profile page.

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