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    Hi all

    i have 3 Questions that i need help.

    1. When i create for a Product with the green Button a Image gallery that shows correct in the Overview and Productsite. But when i klick to entlarge the Picture i have a picture more in the Gallery. This one is empty and produce long waittime because this on dosent found. For example i load 3 Picture i have in the entlarged Gallery for Picture??

    Look at this Link:

    There is only one uploaded Picture but shows 2 in the entlarge or zoom Modus.

    2. On the Shop site i have the Products but also an Overview of Kategorie *Zusatzprodukte*


    How can i Take this one away?

    3. Passau Webdesign create a hook for Germany that the AGB must be read and klicked a Checkbox


    but he told me that this hook only work up to version 1.4 and i use Woocommerce 1.5.3 and WordPress 3.3.1

    Somebody of you have any hints or Ideas

    Greetings Michel Huber



    1) I checked the source code and network traffic and only one image is loaded. I think everything displays correct but the navigation arrows of the lightbox are a bit irritating. Another indicator that the slideshow just opens one image is that the slideshow navigation (stop/pause button with image counter) isn’t displayed because the lightbox doesn’t show it for single images which are not part of a gallery.

    2) As far as I know it’s not possible to hide product categories from the shop page with woocommerce. You can add a category thumbnail though (because of styling reasons) or you can try to hide the category with following css code (add it to css/custom.css):

    display: none;

    3) Inpsyde, a german wordpress designer team, is working on a “WooCommerce German Extension” which will take care of all adjustments to make WooCommerce “legal” in Austria, Germany (and probably in Switzerland too). They’ve now finished the beta phase and they’ll send out RC releases this week. They plan to release the extension with the next WooCommerce release – probably this will happen in the next 2 weeks. The plugin adds several features to WooCommerce like: pages for “Impressum, AGBs, Wiederrufsrecht (mit Entwürfen für Deutschland und ich habe letztens einen Widerrufsrechtsentwurf für Österreich beigesteuert, welcher sich nach dem KSchG richtet), Versandkosten, etc.; it adds a summary page to the checkout process which helps the user to correct input errors (required because of E-CommG in Austria and Germany) and a “Einheitsmengenpreis” function which is required because of the “PreisauszeichnungsG”. The only downside of this extension is that it won’t be free…


    Finally the plugin from Inpsyde is ready! :)

    >>> WooCommerce German Market



    Thanks for posting keyhanjun!



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