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    We are trying to use a multi language plugin for the site, and it seems that display isn’t working friendly with it. I.E. when viewing the translated pages, nothing shows up. Any ideas?



    Well I got it to show the content again while using the tranlastion plugin. However, the theme files do not seem to load correctly on translated pages. For instance, on the home page, the content from the about us page shows up above the slider. It should actually not be on that page, so i temporarily disabled this plugin. Its the WPML plugin. Any idea why this could be happening?



    I don’t know which plugin you’re using, but if nothing is displayed it sounds like it’s either mis-configured or badly coded. Personally I’ve always set up multi language sites as subdomains of the original e.g. English -> // French -> // German -> etc.



    Actually I turned off an option in taht plugin and now the content shows up, however, the translations dont show up where they are supposed to. Like if you go to the translated home page, my about us content shows up on top of the cuber in its translated form. We wanted to avoid sub domains and sub sites becuase this site has a lot of media content.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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