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    desperate …. i have use search and replace plugin.

    hello, I’m desperate, I configured everything the site properly, I imported articles from my old blog to the new, the images in the articles had brought them back to the old link, so I decided to download the plugin “search and replace” and replace everywhere in the db with the word NetJet to netboss to go to properly replace the url of the images in the blog, and now I’m no longer the site configurations that I had done, the colors , all widget area that I had done so … which parameter can be left to replace that has done this thing? I assume is in table wp_options, please help me, hours of work go up in smoke.

    parameters in which it is now written netboss are:









    help me :(



    I would export the entire database in XML in UTF8. Then using something like Notepad++ where you know for a fact what encoding you are using. I would do a mass replace back to the way it was before it got screwed up. and re-import it. Once you get your site back. I would go to

    Settings > General, and change both the URL to and save it, and then export so that the export would contain wherever it needs to be.

    Unless you know SQL and understand relational databases, they are best left alone since they are grouchy beasts.

    As long as you don’t screw it up further, its quite easy to recover from this. Just a bit time consuming.

    If you would like, I can take a quick look and let you know if you are wasting your time or if there is hope.

    Send me please an ftp ip/url; login/pw to usjahm (aaatttt) gmail (dddooottt) com. Try not to loiter in the backend either since the more changes you make , the harder it is to recover the data.




    thanks! i resolve


    Great! A rare happy ending to such a story. ;)

    Good luck,


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