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    Where can I change the text that is displayed by default on the demo store banner?


    Hi elames,

    You’ll need to run a search through the WooCommerce plugin files to find the string. Its not something the theme edits so there isn’t an option available through the theme admin.

    I think woo commerce creates most of its basic functions in woocommerce>woocommerce>template.php so I would check there first. You’ll need to edit the file then re-save it in the same place in the plugin folder.




    I found the php file from firebug and opened it. This is what it says.

    <p class=”demo_store”>This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.</p>

    But when I open the php file to <p class=”demo_store”> that text is not there and I don’t know where to edit it. Sorry but css is not a real strong point for me. But I sure am learning alot here.



    Hi elames,

    I just did a search of the plugin file, its on line 170 in woocommerce>woocommerce-template.php. You’ll need to edit that line of text and then save it back to the same place in the plugin folder.

    Just as a quick aside, using Firebug is great for editing and finding css fixes. What WordPress, themes and plugins are however is php files that are processed by the server to output HTML web pages. So what you see when you inspect a page is actually the proccessed version of all the .php files in the theme, wordpress and plugin folders. Additionally, the pages run javascript files which can manipulate the css and html a little further to create the effects you see like sliding images and fading in/out.




    So I edited it and ftp’d to the server and now I can’t get anything to show up.:-(


    I got this fixed. Close thread. Just edited via wordpress editor after I reloaded woo commerce plug in. Unfortunately, it messed up alot of other stuff as I indicated in other posts. I am not a happy camper



    If you use a hosting provider you should try to get the web files and database restored to before you made the changes. Was it a bad sign that found its way into the code or a character missing?



    Did you edit anything else other than the demo file? If so, please reload the woocommerce plugin.




    I edited on the demo file text. that was it. The slide show is working now. But of course, I lost all the products etc I had in the site. But I guess that is ok now as I find out woo commerce is not going to work for my client as there is no way to have it work with her Intuit Go payment credit card processing. I am just going to dump the woo commerce plug in. So I am looking for another alternative now.


    Sorry it had to come to that after all that work :(

    What I suspect happened with the plugin was a incorrect character when the text was changed and it cause a big hiccup in the php.



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