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    is it pssoible to set a notice to product variations that is shown right beside the price?

    We are offering variable products with different delivery times which are produced on demand.

    I cant find where i can add a notice for this.

    Anyone understood what i mean? :-D




    Hi Daniel,

    As far as I know this isn’t possible with WooCommerce. Your best route would just be to put the information in the product description as a bit of informational text. Something like:

    “Delivery time is variable based on the options you choose” and then have a short list of expected delivery with the main sets of product+variation.

    It isn’t very fancy, but it should get the job done.




    yes as you said, it isn´t very fancy :D

    I would have done this if our products weren´t so expensive :D

    Is there no other possibility?


    Unless there is a woo commerce add on that does that or something like it I don’t know of any no.

    The only other idea I have, which I’ve used for a client, is to put a link to a page that has a form on it for a “quick inquiry” for item availability/turn-around time.

    This would just be the same link on all products. Its simple and direct and takes very little work to implement.


    Hey Devin,

    we set the delivery time in the “short description” :-)

    took the same colour and font settings as the price and it looks good.

    Thank you.

    Greets Daniel

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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