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    I’m using Upscale for a project that needs to degrade gracefully when javascript is disabled. Currently when I disable javascript in the browser and hover over the main menu (I’m using a 4 column mega menu with 3 parent elements) there is no interaction with the drop down. I see on the live demo that when I disable javascript simple (1 level) drop downs work but the megamenu still doesn’t appear.

    Any clues as to whether this would have a fix in the CSS to show Megamenus either as they appear, or as a 3 level flyout menu or a workaround something along the lines of setting a conditional to display a secondary main menu that uses simple menus and not any of the megamenu columns for when javascript is disabled. Or better yet a bit of code that strips the column class from the column elements and turns them into simple pages with flyout CSS menus when users don’t have javascript enabled?

    Any help is appreciated, I’ve purchased a bunch of your themes and they are always awesome, beautifully coded, and well commented.





    I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it. You can set sub menu visibility to “visible” but it doesn’t help much – the mega menu exceeds to page width (cause the javascript position function and menu width calculation doesn’t work). Maybe it’s possible to “hardcode” the position somehow but it’s a tricky task (i.e. a two column menu needs less space than a 4 column menu, etc.).


    Thanks for the notice. Given the current structure of html/css it might be difficult to pull that off. I have to admit that this is an oversight of my part. I will have to take a look into it but a fast fix is probably not out soon, because the megamenu is part of the framework, and changing the html output would need to change every theme we have released during the last year. If at some point a major framework update is scheduled I will conider adding the features as well :)


    Hey Kriesi,

    Any chance you’ve updated this in the AVIA framework in recent themes? If so update instructions or options would be greatly appreciated.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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