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    Hi All,

    If I am correct if a page has no widget area specified to show in its sidebar and ‘Display everywhere’ and ‘Sidebar Page’ areas have no widgets either then default widgets appear. These default widgets are:
    – Pages
    – Categories
    – Archive

    How can I disable it so that they do not automatically appear?



    Hey TheElear!

    Thank you for using our theme.

    On the Edit page screen goto ‘Layout’ and in the selectbox ‘Layout’ select ‘No Sidebar’.



    Thanks Gunter,

    I would like to have a sidebar but empty….. ?




    In custom.css or Enfold->Styling->Quick CSS field put the following code:

    display: none;

    This removes the widgets from all sidebars.

    If you only need it on certain pages you have to identify the page (e.g home):

    .home .widget_pages,
    .home .widget_categories,
    .home .widget_archive{
    display: none;

    If you need any further assistance come back.

    Best regards,


    Thanks again Günter,

    This is very helpful and confirms what I thought that it needs to be done via CSS and not template/widget settings.

    Much appreciated



    Glad I could help you. Enjoy the theme.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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