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    Disclaimer: I’m new. :-)

    I started a new page, no parent, default template. I named it “Test Front Page”. In the Layout box, I chose “Test Template”.

    In the Choices Template Builder, I created a new template. I named it “Test Template”. For the layout, I chose “right sidebar” and added a slideshow.

    In Appearance->Widgets, under the area “Sidebar Pages”, I put in the “Choices Latest Portfolio” widget and edited it to my liking.

    At this point, everything looks good on my frontpage. I have a moving slideshow and my sidebar has a list of portfolio items.

    After this, in the Template Builder, I add a Portfolio element. After updating, my previous portfolio-item-list sidebar is replaced with what I guess to be the default sidebar content, with “Pages”, “Categories”, and “Archives”.

    If I remove the Portfolio element, it will revert to the intended portfolio item list. If I move the widget to a different sidebar, e.g., “Displayed Everywhere” or “Sidebar Blog”, it will also display my intended portfolio list. However, I don’t want it displayed on “everywhere” or on the blog, I only want it on the front page.

    How do I control this sidebar? How do I remove the Pages, Categories, and Archives list from my sidebar?

    Thanks for any help!


    I marked this thread for Kriesi. Personally I think it’s an issue with the main wp query but the portfolio element already contains the wp_reset_query(); function which should avoid any issues/conflicts with the main query.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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