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    I have set up a site using Incarnation theme, but when I first access my URL, the page that appears has the Incarnation logo and my style is missing. It also opens with a default blog page that is not my home page. If I immediately refresh the page, my correct template and style appears. This is very frustrating. Do you know why this occurs?


    Hi ajw627,

    Can we take a look at your site live? I’m not really sure whats going on from the description but perhaps we can spot the issue live.




    Sure. Here’s the URL:

    Thanks for your help!


    I would suggest checking what URL you have designated in the main settings in WordPress. So go to Settings>General and make sure the url is correct. If its just, try changing it to then saving the changes.




    No, that did nothing. It was set up as and that is what it should be. There appears to be some sort of time-out setting somewhere. If the page loads too slowly, it’s defaulting to the Incarnation logo/theme. How do we find out where/why it’s doing this?? If the page loads more quickly, it doesn’t do this. So, my guess is it’s related to the load time.


    You can alternatively try adding the www into the url just in case its an odd issue with how your server requests/displays files. Seems unlikely now that I’ve been able to get the issue but worth a shot.

    Their isn’t really a default theme within the theme itself. Your server is timing out on some requests and so the full code of the page isn’t able to load (logo, proper stylesheet and go through the loading of the correct home page).

    A few things to try:

    – Disable all active plugins except for bbPress (including jetpack which tends to cause problems)

    – Contact your hosting server and see if they see an issue with the load on your server/Can increase the amount of allotted memory

    – Try setting up a caching plugin to reduce the strain on the server




    Thanks again Devin for all of the timely follow-up. I appreciate the great support. I tried deactivating Jetpack first and will test that out as I have heard others say they had problems with it. It must be related to a plug-in, but it’s definitely very strange. I’ll let you know in case it’s something worth warning others about.


    I wanted to follow up again. I deactivated all plug-ins except bbPress. I added a caching plugin. Unfortunately, the same problem still exists occasionally. I just loaded the site and the Incarnation logo appeared. I’m at a loss and have never used a template where this occurred. Your help is greatly appreciated because the site has not been accepted by the non-profit org at this point because of the problem.


    Have you tried contacting your hosting provider to see if there are memory issues/server latency issues? If its timing out and unable to load all assets there could be an issue with just very poor server performance.

    I’ll tag the rest of the support crew on the issue as well to see if anyone has some other ideas.





    Real weird stuff. Almost seems random as though you have 2 themes that randomly switch in between.

    Can you look at your .htaccess file at the base of your wordpress install and see if it has more than 10 lines?

    Is this a network wordpress install (multi-site)?

    Have you first imported the demo content in the very beginning?

    Can you look in your wp-config.php file at the base of your wordpress installation and see if there are multiple database names.

    Please check in Admin > Appearance > Themes .. How many themes do you see there?




    Oh wait. Your internal path : D:hosting10206441htmlwp-contentthemesincarnationindex.php …

    You are running this on a Windows IIS with some kind of a .net / php emulator?

    What are you using as a database, mysql or SQL Server?

    Any reason you’ve decided to host this on Windows and not Linux? .. showing an error under the Website Details tab.




    Hi Nick — Sorry for the delay. I have been sick with pneumonia. I am helping a non-profit set this site up and have been using the hosting provider and arrangements they made. They selected GoDaddy as the hosting provider unfortunately. Some things I checked:

    There is only one theme installed

    The wp-config.php file only has one database name listed.

    It is running MySQL

    I am waiting for the chance to speak with hosting support because this appears to be related to something on their end. It’s strange that when you first load a page from the site, it will usually load with the Incarnation theme and default layout. If you immediately refresh or choose another page, it loads properly. If you wait a while and try to load a page again, it starts the problem all over again.

    I will check with GoDaddy and report back.



    This is a weird issue. Have you tried re-installing WordPress again? I checked the site and I guess you can easily recreate the content.




    Hi – I wanted to follow up on this. Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks. The correct answer to my problem ended up being something Nick pointed out earlier: the site was set up on Windows instead of Linux. As soon as we migrated to Linux, problem solved. Thanks again for your help and patience on this one everyone.


    Hi ajw627,

    Glad that its fixed. :)




    This is my EXACT SAME problem! How did you “migrate to Linux”? Is this something that you asked GoDaddy to do?



    @j_sue: Ask your hoster for this.



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