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    In the Flashlight theme option all my images in the background image galley have gone missing. They still show in the library and online, but they do not show up under theme options. Also I am unable to upload any new images from here. The do show up in the media library, but not online. Any ideas?



    Could this be a code issue? I notice that in the library images uploaded from the image gallery under theme options now are attached differently. Normally they would be attached to the “avia_smart-default-gallery ” and then the date. Now there is a link directly after the ” avia_smart-default-gallery”. How do I cahnge this?



    when did the issue start occurring? There have been both a Flashlight and WordPress update recently, are you running the latest versions?


    Using wordpress 3.3.1 and flashlight 1.4. Problem occured same day I first sent the support request. Ran smoothly up until then. Images showed under general settings, and they uploaded online without any kind og problem. Suddenly they dont show up under general settings any more, and it’s inpossible to upload from there now. Must upload from within the homepage itself and the they will only show on that particular side. I can’t use it as a slideshow on any other pages.

    Reinstalled the theme two times witout any success.

    I can create another admin account for you to check it out if you want to.


    So am I to asume that this is not fixable? If you do not know how to help me, fair enough, just say so. You could have done that a week ago. To ignore it completely is just plain annoying and a complete waste of my time.

    I’ll look for help elsewhere.



    I’m sory for the late reply. We haven’t received any other bug reports yet which indicate that the uploader is broken (it works on my test servers too). I’d try to upload all themes files & WordPress core files again – we had several cases of corrupt wordpress (core) files. If this doesn’t help too try to deactivate all your plugins. Maybe one is not compatible with WP3.3.1 yet.


    Thanks for replying.

    Deactivated all plugins without any success. When you say wp core files wich files are you refering to? Do I need to reinstall wp or spesific files in wp?


    I’d upload ALL wordpress files again. The easiest way would be to use a ftp software like filezilla – just unpack the wordpress zip file and drag’n’drop all files into the server/wordpress root folder.


    So just reinstalling wp from under the admin wont do it? I have DW to upload from. Will I loose any data if I upload from DW?


    YES! Uploading all files from dw did the trick!

    To make it even more perfect kriesi should make it possible to upload from media gallery. Please!

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