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    I am wanting to be able to put a unique background image on my portfolio entry

    But i think I can only choose between these two options,

    found under:



    ‘Use this gallery background’


    ‘Use the default gallery as background’

    The first is too overwhelming for my entries and the 2nd one means it will be the same image across the whole site.

    Is there any way around this, or am I missing a simple option that is not these two options.

    you can refer to my site on:





    you can either use the attached images as background images (“Use this gallery background”) or you can use the fallback/standard gallery as background. There’s no other way to set a background slideshow without using third party plugins.


    Thanks so much for your reply. I found in one of your other responses that you suggested

    would that work in this instance?

    kind regards



    Yes – it works with Flashlight. Maybe you need to adjust the z-index but I can provide this code. If it doesn’t work out of the box please post a link to a page where you’re using the plugin and I’ll provide the css code.


    Oh thanks so much for response

    I will get it in over the next couple of days and get back to you if any troubles

    many thanks


    Great :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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