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    Hi everybody,

    I have several questions about portfolio options. Is there any way to set the amount of text that shows up when the title and excerpt option is turned on for a portfolio page? I would like a few lines of text, but not a huge chunk, which is what shows up now (and it doesn’t make any sense because it doesn’t recognize new paragraphs). The page I’m having this issue with can be found here:

    Also on the portfolio page, and portfolio item pages, I am having an issue with slideshows that contain videos and photos. For example, on this page (, I have a video file set to display first (the screen that says “DEMILAND”). Instead of displaying the video first, the last photo in the slideshow set pops up first. This happens both on the overall portfolio page (Past Works, above), and on the individual item page. Is there any way to fix or get around this?

    My other question is about portfolio categories, for ex. “Spoken Word” ( Is there any way to customize category pages? Just a couple things I would like to be able to do: remove “Archive for:” in title/customize title, insert a slide show at the top with the portfolio following it, customize number of columns in the portfolio, customize the sidebar… These are all things I could do with the template builder, but I don’t know if there is a way to choose a dynamic template for a categories page. I know I could just create my own page for each category that used these elements, but that is not helpful if a person clicks on the category from a portfolio item page and ends up on the default, not customized categories page.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks,



    Hi Demi,

    You can put any length of text you want into the Excerpt field when editing or creating a portfolio item.

    As far as I know, the featured media displays images and video in the same way with the order going from top to bottom. Is it behaving differently for you?

    The only way to customize the Archive pages would be to modify the taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php page in your theme files. It controls the output and calls some various functions to get everything displayed. It has some commenting to allow for some basic changes but if you aren’t comfortable with basic html/php it will be a little hard to edit.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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