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    Hello, I have three questions:

    1. How can I change the label “No comments”, when there aren´t any comments, for a simple number”0″. I want to do it in all places where you can view comments, not only in Index page or posts.

    2. Where is the place in CSS to change the distance between icons and text below title. I refer, again, the three parts (date, comments and author). I want to place the parts (date and comments, for example) closer.

    3. I want to place the box `category´ beside the three parts (date, comments and author). I know that, if I do it, I will lose the box and then only will persist the category letters. It´s ok. But I want to place a icon.

    Thanks in advance, and go ahead guys!!!


    Hi antoniocansinos,

    1) There are a number places you’ll need to change this. In all of the follow, search for “No comments” without the quotation marks:


    In comments.php there is the term No Responses if you want to change that there as well.

    2) I think what you are looking for is on lines 698-702 in style.css. Specifically the padding-left.

    3) The basics of what you would need to do is in each of the pages I mentioned in #1 (except for comments.php) look for the span class categories chunk of code and move it to be inside the entry-head class. There will need to be quite a bit of adjustment in order to fit all of that on the single line however.

    If you aren’t comfortable with editing css or creating your own from scratch I would recommend looking into a freelance developer to customize #3 for you as it will take quite a bit of touching up to look the same cross browser and to get everything aligned correctly.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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