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    Hi – I’m loving the Broadscope theme, but have run into a couple issues.

    The first is that when I have longer pages, the regular background colour of white switches to grey when I scroll down below the first screen’s contents. See this page:

    The second issue is on shorter pages, the footer has a white stripe below it

    On pages of a medium length, neither of these issues are present:

    I’m not a coder, but I can go in and make changes if you tell me what the are. Help please!





    please upload the theme files again or at least the files you’ve modified. The html structure i messed up a bit (see W3 validator: )


    Hi Dude (big Lebowski fan? :),

    I uploaded a fresh copy of Broadscope 1.0.6 (using the WP dashboard and the zip file) and straight from themeforest. It still has the same problem. Here’s a new test page I made:

    The results from the test you ran seem the same for this page:

    The only thing I had modified before was taking out the widgets from the footer. Because of the footer being so long (due to all the pages I have) the problem on the short pages with the Social buttons bar having a white stripe underneath it can’t be seen now. But the background colour switching to grey is still there and visible on long pages, despite resfreshing the theme files.

    Help please!

    PS – PM me for login info to my wp site / ftp.



    Hi Dude,

    An interesting thing – the switch to the dark grey background always occurs at the bottom of the screen even if you look at my pages on different computers with different resolutions. On my laptop which has less vertical pixels than my desktop there are less text lines lines w/ white background before the switch to dark grey than there are on my desktop. I just thought I’d mention it in case it helps in troubleshooting.

    Looking forward to solving this,


    PS – my phone # is on the site if you go to the Contact page.



    I believe by going in your light-skin.css file in your css folder and editing #main{ stuff } with a background property things should be solved.

    Add background:#ffffff like this:

    #main{ border-bottom: 1px solid #BBB; background:#ffffff}

    You can also try to do the same in style.css if the previous didn’t work.

    Let me know if it did the job.


    Hi Chris and Dude,

    That didn’t fix it, but I found a solution. What fixed it was editing the light-skin.css file, line 27. By default it has the background colour as #333 (the dark grey), and when I changed it to #ffffff, then the background stayed white through the length of the page.



    html{ background: #333; }



    html{ background: #ffffff; }

    The other question I had from the first post, I think I can clarify now. I’ve successfully deleted the widgets part of the footer, and the part I’m talking about is (I think) called the socket. The issue is on shorter pages, the socket has a white stripe below it:

    Is there a way to fix this so the socket is at the very bottom of the screen even when there isn’t much content in the page?

    Also, is there anything I can/should be doing about the 2 errors that show up using the test you showed me?




    Maybe try to upload all theme files again and deactivate all plugins. This should solve the w3c validator error. Then activate the plugins one by one to find which one causes the invalid output. The css code you posted is not a real fix because you just change the html background color but the structure error persists. Because of the color change you won’t notice it anymore though. Because the structure error can cause display glitches in the future you need to fix it instead of hiding it.

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