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    I’ve been loving the flashlight theme, but we’ve been at it tooth and nail today.

    I am suddenly having a lot of gallery image uploading issues. No real reason I can determine. No CSS changes or anything. And it does it in every browser.

    I’ll create a portfolio page, upload a bunch of photos under the gallery options, save all changes, …then close the window and update the gallery. the photos now appear as thumbnails under the image gallery. but now if i go and press preview changes, no image shows up on my page… and if i press update it doesn’t help either.

    I’ve noticed some weird little issues here and there in the gallery image uploader, but once again this is the main oddity and it seemed to come out of nowhere. Does it in everybrowser now.

    Any advice of any sort is greatly appreciated. I absolutely love this theme, I’d hate to bail on it.




    Hi djpz,

    Make sure you are running the most recent update of the theme. There was a fix for this issue happening in the last update to the theme.




    oh boy, this is great news…

    i will download that right away…

    thanks so much for the head’s up!




    hmmm… wait a second, i am using version 1.5.2, isn’t that the newest version?



    No – please update to version 1.6.

    Best regards,



    And there it is!

    Holy, holy Flashlight!

    You are a prince!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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