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    First of thanks for this amazing theme! I have really had very little trouble getting up, I just need to fix a few last details. I am wondering if there is any way that I can change the opacity and color of the of home, arrows and pause buttons (or icons?) located at he bottom left. You know when you click on “hide sidebar and content” these buttons are not very obvious. Is there a way to customize them?




    They are images so you can edit the images itself located on wp-contentthemesflashlightimagesskin-minimal.




    I am sorry to be this ignorant but I cannot find these images folder in my wp dashboard, I got themes and flash light but no images.


    Hi arenavioleta,

    You can’t find the images folder inside the WP Dashboard. You can access it via an ftp software like filezilla to access your website’s files and folders.




    You need to use a ftp software like Filezilla to access the server directories/folders. Connect to your server by using your ftp credentials and navigate to the wp-contentthemesflashlightimagesskin-minimal folder. Then download the image files and edit them or use the included psd files to edit the images and upload the “new” images to the skin-minimal folder.


    Wow Thank you guys! I will get on it.


    Hi guys,

    I did what you said and uploaded a new file with a darker version of a home button with the exact same name and file type to replace the old one. I also check in files through my hosting cpanel and see the new image there, but in my site I still see the old icon. Any ideas why this may be?



    Hi arenavioleta,

    When you upload the new icon did it have some warning that you are replacing a file with the same name and file extension? If it didn’t then that might be the problem. If it does, then try to clear the browser cache, your browser might be pulling the old file from the browser cache.




    Hi Ismael,

    Yest the warning the came out and I replace it. I just cleared my cache and even looked at my site from a different browser I never use and I still I see the old icon. Do you think I have to deactivate the whole theme and reactivate it again? If so will I loose major settings? I don’t want to mess up with it too much for aside form this everything is ready. What else could it be?


    Hi guys!

    As it happens looking in my file manager within my root directory I found a second folder named wp-content I replaced file there as well and now it works! Thank you soo much!



    Hi arenavioleta,

    Glad we could help. :)



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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