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    1. Is it possible to customize the shape of the main menu and main content area boxes to have rounded corners? It’s too boxy looking for my client’s tastes.

    2. I’d like for the landing page or Home page to have the menu hidden when a visitor enter’s the site. I realize they can do this by clicking on the hide menu button but it’s not as obvious at first and I’d like to showcase the photos upon arrival.

    Thank you,




    1) Add following code to css/custom.css and adjust the border radius value:

    .box {
    border-radius: 8px;

    2) Have a look at this post:





    Thanks for the tips!

    Somehow I managed to get the home page to show up with the menu hidden. I’ll have to look at the other post you suggested to see which method leaves the most flexibility.

    In the meantime, I’ve done some research and was able to find some additional code to make this happen in all the browser’s except for IE 8 or earlier. Is there a way to create the rounded corner’s for IE 8 and earlier as well? My client is using one of these older browser’s unfortunately, and can’t see that i’ve made the changes.

    Here’s the code I’m using now:

    .box {

    opacity: 0.8;

    border:none 0px #000000;

    -moz-border-radius-topleft: 30px;








    border-radius: 30px;


    Thank you!




    IE8 doesn’t support border radius, the solution is to create border radius images or do it via jquery.





    Thanks for the video link. I’ve not had a moment yet to review it and attempt it but I will. I’ve been trying different methods with the .htc file but to no avail…. yet.

    I’ve run into some other problems that I’m more concerned about and will have to post another ticket about.

    I do have an update on the first question I had about hiding the menu on the home page.

    I tried the code that Dude suggested in the avia.js file and it didn’t work for me in Chrome or IE8 & 9.

    I did find a solution though! I was able to make the menu hidden though by creating a page for the Front Page. I called this page “about”. Then at the the bottom of the page, there is an option for Instant Gallery Background. I set this to hide the navigation upon loading the page. This method appears to work for Chrome, IE 8 & 9. I still need to test it though in other browser’s.




    P.S. There is one bug / error that I forgot to mention with hiding the menu when the site loads. It’s occurring In IE8. The text for the menu is not showing on the Frontpage when you click the home button to make the menu show up. It’s very difficult, sometime’s, to click on the links to the other pages. But when I do go to other pages, the menu text is showing just fine. I’ve not tested this in all browser’s yet but it appears to be happening in just IE8.

    Are there any idea’s on how to fix this?




    That’s an cufon script issue. Unfortunately IE8 won’t execute the font replacement script properly if the sidebar is hidden. Thus you can either deactivate the font replacement script or just show the sidebar by default and let the user decide if he wants to hide it or not.



    Thanks for the reply!

    How would I do that and what happens if I deactivate the font replacement script? Will a default font be used in all other browser’s?

    Thank you,



    Hi Samantha,

    Go to the theme options>Styling tab and where it allows you to choose your Heading Font, set that to “no custom font”. Then the themes base style.css will set the font to use Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial and finally a sans-serif font if none of those are available just like a normal web page would load in a font.



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