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    I am trying to customize avisio for my different sites so I followed the steps I found on wordpress somewhere and did these:

    1. Copied the “avisio” theme folder and created a new theme folder called “avisio-photoblog”

    2. Modified the theme name in style.css in the root of “avisio-photoblog” (Is this case sensitive? I hope not)

    3. Changed the theme on my wordpress site from “Avisio” to “Avisio-PhotoBlog”

    4. I thought it would work already, but after refreshing my site this error popped up:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function set_cufon_font() on a non-object in D:Hosting3358824htmlwp-contentthemesavisio-photoblogheader.php on line 75

    Is there a step I missed? This is the first time I am trying this out. LIne 75 looked like this:

    $k_option->set_cufon_font($applyCustomFontTo, $k_option);




    Is this really a difficult question?



    no it isn’t a difficult question but it’s a strange error. I renamed avisio folder + style.css name several times without any problems. Maybe a file is corrupt? If you want you can send me your renamed theme folder and I try to use it on my test server. My email adress is: (Email address hidden if logged out)


    Hi Dude,

    After reading your reply I decided to start from scratch using a different method and it worked this time around. You may be right about a file being corrupted.

    I suppose this new “avisio-photoblog” theme would not attempt to update itself like the original “avisio” theme, would it? I’m just concerned about loosing any modifications I make to the theme copy.

    Thanks for the input!





    Avisio doesn’t try to update itself because it isn’t connected to WP.org’s theme and/or plugin directory. So you won’t loose any modifications.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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