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    1. How can i do unnecessary empty space (brakes between two kind of template instruments) smaller.

    Please, look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    2. How can i change a link to the twitter button on header to another kind of social network?

    Thanks for advice!

    4. Have an Abundance a function to make applications for mail subscribing and can it assist to make every week mailing content?

    Thanks for advice!

    5. How can i customize the size of search window?

    Look example Look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    6. How can i change the size of font for header group of “my account cart checkout”.

    Look example Look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    7. How can i change cart and checkout in this header line in another kind of links, for example hotline number?

    Thanks for advice!

    8. How can i customize a kind and a number of fields in new user registration form? I thought it would be an abundance design and customizing menu.

    Thanks for advice!

    9. How can i make this number to be a dynamic data of a number of users of my site?

    Look example

    Thanks for advice!


    Hi Rudolfkrajewski,

    1. This will not work with all of them but it will effect many. The rest, you can use a tool like Firebug for Firefox or Chrome’s Inspect Element to identify the element that is causing the spacing and then modify it by adding it to your Quick CSS or custom.css.

    Add the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css and make the 30px number smaller until you are satisfied:

    padding:30px 0;

    2. In header.php, around line 123 you can hard code in your own link. Then add the class to your custom.css so that it formats the same as the RSS, Twitter and Facebook icons.


    4. That isn’t something we can do for you with support. You might want to look into Mailchimp or Constant Contact plugins for wordpress.

    5. You can add and modify the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    z-index: 1;
    padding:12px 48px 12px 12px;

    6. Modify the font size after adding the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css

    font-size: 11px;

    7. Create a new Menu in your Menus admin (its located under Appearance in the wordpress backend) then place it as the Sub Menu in the dropdown to the left of the Menu Manager.

    8. You would need to use a plugin. You can find a list of some recommended plugins here:

    9. See number 8.


    Thanks a LOT, Devin. Sorry, for my duplicate of a questions! I just thought that i’ll could wait for answer so long =)

    With your advice i have a chance to make better site!


    Dear Devin. I’ve done what you say abut sub menu for question 7. But get this result –

    How can i fix it?

    Thanks a lot!


    Hey! it might be possible that you are suffering from a bug in an earlier version of abundance. we have released an update for that bug 2 days ago, so if your theme was purchased earlier I would recommend to re download the theme from themeforest and apply the updated as mentioned in the version.txt file (or if you didnt modify tempalte files directly just replace the whole abundance theme folder)


    Hi Rudolfkrajewski,

    Do you have a live site I can inspect the css for the sub menu? Also try updating your theme to the latest version as there have been some css fixes recently.


    Dear Devin, Dear Kriesi – first of all, i’ll get an update of course, and you’ll get the report of result and fresh questions. Thank a lot of support! Good luck!



    Great. I’ll close this thread now.



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