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    Hi all. I am trying to use the 4 column with sort and filter portfolio for showing home plan designs.

    What I was hoping I could pay someone to do is allow multiple categories to be selected at once so a person can really narrow down to the home they would like to see. Ideally this would be possible from a tabbed interface that allows you to make selections for each category of options… like this flash template..

    If I could have the tabbed checkbox filter function like in the flash theme but in the header of a portfolio for avisio I would be in heaven. I would love a quote I can pass on to the client for the work.

    If that is not possible.. I used to use this widget for the job but the guy closed his site and does not support the widget anymore… What might someone quote me to buildi this type of funcitonality into avisio? (its the widget on the right, look at the filter tab)

    And if none of those would work… How could I include the portfolio Items in avisio in a Search result and format the page like a 4 column portfolio page while leaving out all the blog categories…

    I would love to look at estimates for any of the above work as this is way above my head. Thanks so much for any time anyone may have to offer

    here is the site I am using Avisio on to do this.

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