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    I’d like to specify various different type sizes and weights in the corona template, as i mold it in to something new. In other threads i see the support staff providing custom CSS. i have a lot to rework, and i’d like to make the changes myself. Can you point me to the files where i can make changes?

    site is presently in my sandbox, but will be moving to is own domain.


    i’ve found much of what i need under Shortcodes, but the H tags are elusive.


    never mind, guys. I’ve figured out Kriesi’s child tag system and i’m moving along — just had to dig a little deeper.

    As always Christian very well done, your framework is magic. This topic could be removed if you wish.


    Hi, my question relates to Mike’s…

    Within Corona theme, I’d like to use italics within an H2 tag within the body of a page… in other words, I’m using the H2 tag to create a subhead in the page which should include one word in italics… I can’t seem to figure out why the tag is being overwritten. Here’s the page (gold subhead)

    Also, is there a way to prioritize font change differently? The standard font changes to Cufon font well after page load, and is a visual distraction.



    lol evidently the em tag works when posting here… post should have read ‘why the em tag is being overridden’


    Ok, I think I answered parts of both of my questions, but still need some help:

    1. It looks like Cufon is always associated with some kind of page element like p or h1 or cite. I tried on another page to use a subclass specified in custom.css like h2.ital which specifies italics, but it had no different effect than using the em tag. Is this the right direction to pursue? Is it a load order or something that’s the problem, and to fix it do I need to define an entirely different class or else subclass in your Avia code? I’m using a child theme, so please let me know, I don’t want to break any code if you update

    2. I’m not sure how to address the second problem, but perhaps it’s something you could add to the theme as an update? This is what I found online regarding delay… it also happens with Firefox on Windows:

    In IE, there will be a short but noticeable delay between the old font being flashed and the new font replacing it. To fix this (optional), add the following line of code just before the closing <body> tag.

    <script type="text/javascript">; </script>


    I tried reading through all of the forums and also read about Cufon, CSS, etc… here is another page to compare with above… this one in which I tried to have a solution using a span tag on subheader (contained in page body) (see grey subhead) after defining custom classes .subhd, .subhdital, .subhdbold in corona/includes/register-styles.php and then by adding a cufon.refresh command to corona/framework/php/class-style-generator.php but I’m not seeing any result. Getting Cufon to render in selected font, but not able to get it to render in selected font italic.

    Please help! This theme is brilliant but then of course complex on the back end. It would be good to know how to generate my own styles using Cufon fonts to render.




    I wasn’t able to reproduce your problem, adding em tags to your content and titles works as expected. Did you solve it?


    Hi Chris, no… I just turned off Cufon and started using Google fonts while waiting for a response. I would prefer Cufon, though… I’ve turned on Cufon again, check out

    Is the problem simply that you don’t have italic and bold italic versions of the font loaded in Corona Theme? If so, what do I need to address that?

    I’m kinda running out of time to get this formatted and online, so if there’s a way to be automatically notified of replies on this board, that would be helpful and I could turn things on/off at your discretion.




    Chris, the answer was yes… the italic and bold version of the Arvo font were not included within the Arvo cufon font that came with the theme. Replacing Arvo with a more complete Arvo solved the problem.


    Glad you solved the issue. Good to know what caused it. The reason it didn’t bring up any problems for me was because I have the complete font installed.

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